"You must be the change you want to see in this world.." - Gandhi

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    What if we all thought of future generations?
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Joining Solidarityworld is showing collective intelligence

It shows your willingness to collaborate and act in a spirit of participation and solidarity.We have various themes:

  • grouped habitat
  • crowdfunding
  • coworking
  • carpooling
  • private car rental
  • participatory tourism
  • participatory education
  • collaborative consumption
  • sharing of knowledge and skills

Then you will discover many citizen initiatives, solidarity and social, while being economically responsible.

It's together that everything becomes possible ...

Qui sommes-nous ?

Experienced professionals, rigorous and experienced in the world of business and associations..

Who are we ?

Nos Valeurs

Our way of fighting against the digital divide lies on a specific axis: that of critical information

Our values


Becoming a member means gaining access to many benefits and resources, but most of all, you help us give internet access to those who can not get it.

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One of the goals of our association is the encouragement, through financial means, of participants in our projects to achieve a global and emerging tool on the global net

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You can also participate

  • In your secure area you will have access to a multitude of solutions allowing you to facilitate your daily life, your business, increase your purchasing power, meet people with the same objectives as you (job search, independent activity) .

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  • By becoming a donor, from CHF 1 you will help raise funds to offer exclusive laptop PCs to health centers and schools that badly need them.

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  • You have the advantage of benefiting from the growing importance of Solidarityworld to increase the visibility of your own activity (you can submit the link of your site / blog, your first name, name, city, country and the amount of your gift).

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  • By becoming a member of honor, you support our values ​​through your network and / or your very high skills in a field related to our activities.

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PC portables seniors

Devenez responsable d'exploitation dans votre pays, de différentes solutions émergentes.

Centres de profit

Devenez responsable d'exploitation dans votre pays, de différentes solutions émergentes.


Une idée géniale ? Vite, du matériel pour la mettre en place ! Une forge logicielle à la hauteur de vos ambitions


Vous avez un projet ? Nous allons le faire triompher. Aide, encadrement, financement, développement.


Vos clients vont vous adorez! Adoptez vite la nouvelle stratégie qui fait le succès des entreprises.